All about lower back pain

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Lower back pain? Degeneration of the spine? Lumbar disc problems? Joint pain? Body aches?

For all of the above, one common solution is popping a calcium or D3 supplement. It’s true though, a deficiency of these vitamins can cause all of the above, but there are many other ways of looking at this. You can be popping the best brand of supplements, but remember, it just does not work that way. For calcium to get absorbed into the bones, your D3 levels have to be adequate. If it’s not, your calcium supplement is being wasted, so are the foods rich in calcium that you are consuming. Furthermore, Vitamin K is such an ignored vitamin, you should know, Vitamin K is needed for the bones to absorb Calcium. Vitamin K is found in dairy products and green leafy veggies.

So here’s how it works. For strong and healthy bones, joints and a super strong spine, you need sufficient Calcium, D3 and Vitamin K. I should add in B12, as B12 is necessary for healthy bone marrow, and for the body and spine to grow strong and healthy. Calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3. A balanced diet should give you all of that.

Apart from nutrition, have a look at the points below: Regular and smart exercise, stretching, warm up and cool downs. Know your main muscles and work on flexibility. DO NOT SIT IN ONE PLACE FOR MORE THAN 30-45 MINUTES. This is too much strain and stress on your lower back/sacrum and it leads to lower back pain, sciatica and lower body aches. Look for nutrition in fresh and natural foods. Supplement only if you have to and if you have a deficiency. The choice of preventing or healing yourself from pains is all up to you.

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