My rounded shoulders can be causing my neck and back pain?

Yes! And here’s how- Sitting for hours leads to slouching. Slouching causes rounded shoulders. Eventually, rounded shoulders cause our necks to lose their natural curve. This lack of balance causes strain that then becomes a source of chronic neck pain and a trigger for tension headaches. Rounded shoulders cause neck pain and headaches. . Rounded shoulders also lead to back pain. Rounded shoulders are one of the major causes of lower back pain. Yes, it is that simple. As a culture, we sit. And we sit. And we sit some more. As we sit, we begin to round our shoulders and slouch. Rounded shoulders disrupt the connection between the hips and the shoulders. This tightens the big muscles of the hips and also reduces thoracic rib rotation, which is critical for a natural walking pattern. It forces the ankles and the feet to work overtime. As the shoulders round, the large back muscles called the latissimus dorsi (lats) that connect your shoulders to your sacrum are stretched. If you sit enough with rounded shoulders, it becomes your body’s pattern. So, when you stand up, it is impossible to move out of that pattern, to stand up tall with your shoulders back and down.

Do these three exercises for Lats Stretching

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